Wet Rooms

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Elevating your current bathroom to create a wet room or even building one is always possible when you have us as your expert service provider. Here at Oxford Bathroom Renovators, we can surely give you the best supplies and services without you needing to rob a bank. At the core of our company principle is valuing your money and time.

So, we see to it that you get what you deserve by giving you honest services and reasonable prices. Our expert builders are eager to help you design and build your very own wet room, and with us, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth. All you need to do is lie back and watch as we do the rest.

In every project, you must take note of the following:

  • Waterproofing – in every wet room project, it is the most crucial part as it ensures the safety and convenience. As a way to make up for having no enclosures, the entire area is waterproofed, and in turn, you have more space for other fittings and fixtures. One distinguishing element of a wet room is that there is only a single drain to which all water drains.
  • Layout – with the countless wet rooms that we did, our experts recommend that the drain should be distanced from the door to prevent the water from overflowing and causing inconveniences. To be safe, our Bathroom Renovators can help you make the plan with cost-effective options and solutions.
  • Materials – keep in mind that when selecting your supplies and materials, only choose those that have high resistance to mould, moisture and leaks such as non-porous materials. By using these materials, you will no longer have to worry about unnecessary repairs and unexpected troubles.

Quality Wet Room Supplies and Services

In the UK, there is no other service provider like us who offers the best services and who houses the most skilled professional in this industry. As a result, we have been proclaimed as the most trusted company in Oxford, and with us, you will get what you paid for. To get a free consultation and quotation, just call our fitters and specialists at Oxford Bathroom Renovators today.