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Welcome to Oxford Bathroom Fitters & Renovators – the home of the best bathroom fitters in Oxfordshire.

From designing and demolition to maintenance and fitting, our company offers comprehensive services that are more than enough to address the needs of homeowners and business owners in Oxfordshire, UK. If you want to have your old bathroom remodelled or to build your own en suite bathroom scratch, don’t fret because our professional team can do these and more. There is no other company like us that combines style and practicality in one amazing bathroom space.

As your certified contractor, we make sure that we do everything professionally. So, we have our team of highly-skilled and certified bathroom renovators and wet room specialists, as well as experienced and qualified fitters, electricians, carpenters and other tradesmen fit to do the job right. To go with our amazing and customisable service package, we can give you sustainable and cost-effective solutions that will surely blow your mind.

Excellent and Professional Services

Here at Oxford Bathroom Renovators, our goal is to become the top company for all your renovation and fitting needs. It doesn’t really matter how big your project is or how little your budget is, because we can make anything happen. Our clients are at the top of our list, so all their specifications and requirements are always accounted for and reflected in our outputs.

In these times, it is quite easy for bathroom renovators to hold out promising words about their services. As a result, selecting which company is best for you can be a daunting task. Moreover, because a reno project is a big leap to make, you must give it a lot of thought and planning. This is where Oxford Bathroom Renovators comes in to help you make that leap. We offer more than just services as we also guarantee the following:

  • Secured working permits and licenses
  • Compliance with safety regulations and industry standards
  • Top-quality bathroom materials
  • Honest prices and services
  • Lifetime warranties
  • Comprehensive services.
  • Customised service packages

Choosing us means that you will surely have the most beautifully designed and well-constructed space. We offer you the following services:

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bathroom caulking


bathroom design


Bathrooms play an integral part in almost everyone’s day and are used all the time. Because of that, they are subject to high traffic and wear and tear. It is only fitting that you give it the proper makeover they deserve. With your existing space, we can turn them into a spa-like interior or into anything that you desire. Our expert services include designing, redesigning, installing, maintaining and cleaning.


  • Master bathroom
  • En suite bathrooms
  • Powder bathrooms
  • Full bathrooms
  • Single bathrooms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Bespoke bathrooms
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Wet Rooms

Having your own wet room brings so much convenience and comfort. Apart from it requiring little to no maintenance, it also offers the safest space for you and your loved ones to take care of your personal and hygienic needs. For families with kids, a wet room has no enclosure, making it less prone for kids to slip or trip on divisions. Since the entire area is waterproofed, you no longer have to worry about the water escaping or flooding the area outside of it.

We have designers who can put the drain at a safe distance from the door, and they can also add other fixtures and fittings depending on your preferences. We outsource supplies and materials from the best producers in the UK.

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Mobility Bathrooms

There might come a point when you need to give your bathroom some upgrades, be it to enhance its aesthetics or to improve its functionality. For those who have family members with limited movement, your existing bathroom can be modified into a mobility bathroom or you can completely build a new one from scratch. Either way, we can do that for you. Adding safety features by installing handlebars and grab rails is usually the basic set of inclusions in every mobility bathroom renovation. However, you can always install more depending on your needs and specifications.

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The Most Trusted Company in the Industry

Once you hire us Oxford Bathroom Renovators for our reno services, we will bring you so many benefits you never thought was possible. Also, the best part is that you don’t even have to give so much thought about the inconveniences and all the other tedious details about the project. Our team of professional fitters and builders can take on any type of project. We give so much importance to our craft that we are able to perfect it. Thus, our supplies and services remain unparalleled. Our company can do the following and more:

bathroom renovation

Bathroom Design

as our track record reveals, we have a long list of clients who have commercial and residential properties in Oxford, UK, and we helped them build the bathroom they so long dreamed of having. The possibilities are endless for bathroom designs, and to get you started with your layout, you can give our experts your concepts and allow them to work their magic. For your existing layout, they can also make it better if you want to. Classic or contemporary, standard or luxurious, our company does an excellent job.

Bathroom Installation

as soon as you’ve pencilled out the project layout, and the overall cost has been established, our fitters can then start with the project execution right away. To make sure you are on track, we will assign an expert who will oversee that all specifications are complied with. This will also allow us to document each stage and give you timely updates.

Tiling and Waterproofing

in every project, tiling and waterproofing spells out the foundation and longevity of your bathroom. If done poorly, you can incur more costs in repairing and maintaining that could have been avoided in the first place. We supply materials from Impey that come with a 10-year warranty. This will ensure your safety and enjoyment at the same time. Choosing us will surely give you a return on your investment and even more.
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Electrical and Plumbing

because a lot of technicalities are involved in electrical and plumbing works, these are best left to the experts. The professional you should hire must at least have enough experience and the proper set of skills. Otherwise, you are risking you and your family’s safety. If you are considering having them done yourself, you might want to backtrack and think it through. 

Our team handles electrical and plumbing services which include installing or replacing knobs, flush mounts, downlights and hanging lights, receptacles, toilets, sink, faucet, showers and many other electrical and plumbing installations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does a wet room and bathroom installation and renovation cost in Oxford, UK?

For the construction of a typical and average wet room or bathroom installation, the cost can reach from £5,000 to £10,000. For smaller ones, the cost can range from £4,000 to £6,000. Since these costs are variable, they can be increased or decreased based on certain factors such as the size of the area, the amount of labour and supplies. For the labour costs, the average rate can range from £150 to £250 daily.

How long does it take to wait for a wet room or bathroom project to be fully completed?

For an average-sized wet room or bathroom, the remodelling or building process can take roughly 1-2 weeks. This, however, may still be extended or cut short based on the size and how complex the project is, and the needed skills of the tradesman. For more luxurious bathroom and wet room projects, the entire duration may even take weeks or up to a month just to be done.

How does one install a wet room or shower room the right way?

Assess first if you know a thing or two about such installation. Considering that it is your first time for a reno project, it is best that you entrust all components and specifications to expert service providers. In the process are necessary services such as electrical and plumbing fittings and pipe, sink and shower installation, and these also determine the “make or break” of your project.

Is there any difference between a wet room and a shower room in the UK?

The difference that stands between a shower room and a wet room is that the latter’s area is entirely waterproofed, unlike in a shower area of a standard bathroom which contains an enclosure confined to an area. Being waterproofed, a wet room is designed in such a way that the water directly drains from the floor.

How much does a new bathroom cost in Oxford?

A new bathroom construction cost in Oxfordshire is variable. So, it is not uniform in all parts of the United Kingdom. To serve as a working amount, consider a standard bathroom installation. Such can range from £3,000 to £6,000, with a daily rate for labour which can range from £150 to £250. This amount, being variable, depends on factors, such as the area size, the types of materials and the amount of labour required. For grand bathrooms or luxurious ones, the cost could be as high as £15,000.

Bespoke Bathrooms at Affordable Prices

For decades, we have helped local customers create their dream bathrooms, why wait to do the same?

New en-suite? Or utility/ laundry room? Or a brand new master bathroom – call us now to discuss your next home refurbishment project. We do free site visits and quotes for all customers and ensure to help you with every step of the process.