Mobility Bathrooms

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Unlike the typical bathroom that lacks safety measures installed around it and could jeopardise the health of our dear ones, a mobility bathroom guarantees you peace of mind knowing that all its areas are secured. If you have an old and unsafe bathroom, such can still be fixed by installing a mobility bathroom in it or by building one from scratch. Having a mobility bathroom simply means that your worries about your loved ones slipping will melt away.

For the supplies and services, our company has the best to offer for our clients who have commercial and residential properties in Oxford, UK. For those who are looking for the best upgrades and other solutions, Oxford Bathroom Renovators has you covered.  Varying on your specifications and requirements, we can customise our services for you without compromising your budget and without sacrificing the quality. We offer the following:

  • Professional Design
    As an expert company, we have in-house experts who can pencil out your design from scratch or modify your existing one in accordance with your needs. Before we make a final design, we will make the necessary presentation to you. Moreover, your ideas and preferences are always accounted for as you are on top of our list.
  • Quality Supply
    If you have chosen your own bathroom fitter already, our company can still provide you with materials and supplies from Impey that are needed for your project. What’s best about this is that you get to select from our wide-array of products made by Impey which is the most reputable producer.
  • Professional Installation
    In our company, we offer services that adhere to the safety regulations and industry standards. This step is important to keep our clients and our professionals safe. Also, if your need dictates, we can collaborate with occupational therapists to build specially-designed mobility bathrooms.

The Best in the Industry

Ranging from standard bathrooms to the most luxurious bathrooms, only one company comes to mind— Oxford Bathroom Renovators. Hiring us as your certified contractor brings so many advantages—aside from being the most trusted company in Oxford, UK; you are assured to get the return in your investment. The best part is that our state-of-the-art services come at reasonable costs. Our specialists are eager to hear from you, so give them a call and start building your dream bathroom with us.